Fish 2x raise turn , fold/call?

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Fish 2x raise turn , fold/call?

UTG (fish) limps .5
MP (fish) limps .5
Co folds
bu folds
sb folds
bb (hero) raise to $3.2 10h10s 100bb eff
utg (fish) calls
mp (fish) calls

Flop 8 8h 2h pot $9.85
Hero bets $3.3
utg (fish) calls
Mp (fish) folds

Turn 6d pot $16.45
Hero bets $12.5
Utg (fish) raise to $25
Hero ??? needs 18% equity to call and only 1/3rd bet left if calls

No specific reads on fish. My guess of unknown fish population is roughly 66% passive-fish 40-50 vpip, 15-25% spewy fish , and rest whales 50 vpip and above.

My belief is passive fish 99% never take this line as bluff. And spewy fish are capable of taking this line , but experience/intuition tells me this board texture/line plus my strong repping iso and line wouldn't make a spewy fish bluff a large part of his stack . Spewy fish in my opinion are smarter than the passive-fish in terms of textures/bluffing so wouldn't see this as very good bluff. And whales are also capable of taking this line, but also I similiarly don't think they would if at all do it .

In terms of ranges, value would be a bunch of A8-86s, 66, 22, possibly some AA-99. Semi-bluffs/bluffs would be 75s,97s,54s , a bunch of other flush draws, and the occasional random pair of cards.

And following that assessment , it's likely I'm just against a passive fish who's range contains some value that I beat , but mostly crushing mine , making the call -ev.

Are my thoughts/assessments of each type of fish accurate? or is this just a sigh call,expecting to lose a lot but plus ev?

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