Fixing the blue line/ showdown winnings

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Fixing the blue line/ showdown winnings

Hi Guys,

6 max cash player;

I've always had a problem with show-down winnings, and have managed to tighten up a few areas of my game to improve this but i'm still really struggling; S

Some of my key stats that i've identified i think look reasonable (below), i don't know why i lose so much at showdown, my hunch is i'm too aggressive. I do have a reasonable understanding off blockers and i don't think the issue is around calling (river call efficiency is high, i try not to get to the later streets too wide etc), my hunch is that i'm too aggressive, but in game i never really feel this is the case, e.g i make sure i gave up missed flush draws/bad blockers, don't push bluffs if i think i'm getting called too wide, such as paired board or where they have a big range advantage etc.

My suspicion is i'm getting nailed in the bigger 3b and 4bp where i overcall tough hands and where people may be significantly underbluffing, like the 99+ in a 4bp on 22587r, i just always end up calling it off. I also suspect i'm overbluffing spots, i do normally try and find pressure points and often willing to go for massive overbets or raises if i think players are inbalanced towards bluffs, not protecting themselves etc, but i feel stripping out that part of my game could be a problem because i feel like that is one of my most effective areas.

I do have a high WWSF and always have, not sure if this needs to come down.

Are there any other angles i could be missing or are any of the below stats revealing?

W$SD: 46.63

VPIP PFR: 23/19
River call efficiency: 1.3
C bet stats: 61, 56, 57
Aggression %: Flop: 40.3 Turn: 35.7 River: 38.31

3b stats:

3b%: 10%
41% call v 3b
45% fold v 3b
14% raise v 3b

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