Float bet sizing (FTGU episode 19)

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Float bet sizing (FTGU episode 19)

Hello, I've purchased and studied the From the Ground Up Course, and at Episode 19 (Float betting the flop); I understood the different ranges and scenarios we could Float / stab the flop.

But at what sizing should we do it ?

For example, HJ opens 3bb, hero on BU calls with 9Ts / 88 or speculative stuff.

Flop comes whatever T64 that favors our range and the PFR decides to check.
According to the course, we would take this chance to bet for value or as a bluff on certain draws / combos. Okay...
But how much ? A unique sizing as 33% as a cbet ? 50-60% ? A large bet as selective 70% ??

Or should we use two different sizes for bluff / value ? (I don't think so, but if yes, why would I float bet bigger for my sets and small for my weak draws?)

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