Flop check back, time to bluff?

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Flop check back, time to bluff?

Whale limp(90% range)
Hero raise Bttn KxQc $25 900eff

Bb reg calls cover
Whale calls about same stack depth

Flop Tx9c6c
Checks thru
Turn 7x
Checks to hero

Pot $70
Bet $50

Bb call, whale fold

Riv blank
Pot $170
Bb check

I think flop can potentially be a bet w the Qc in hand, but I decided I would bet my KcQx combos before this one. I think the BB cold call range will connect very well on this board, so I don’t think I’m going to be overly aggressive on flop multi-way here. It’s pretty rough to get check raises off our equity too here when the whale can make second nut hands on turn and make huge mistake, or we can just bink a K/Q outright

Not 100% confident about turn/river here however. What do you think. I know what I did and will reveal after some discussion. I think my line is solid, but interested to see what some of y’all would do

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