Flop Check or Bet in Live Game

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Flop Check or Bet in Live Game

Live 2-5

3 Limps
SB limps
Hero has AdQc on Bb w $550 eff all limpers cover
Hero makes it $45
All 4 people call

Sb and 2 players in position are kinda on splashy side

Flop QJ4r
Pot $220

Basically I’m wondering if we should always be cbetting this or doing something different.

With the low SPR, I’m inclined to just check and then do a lot of ripping versus bets with an SPr of 2. Is this a mistake in a live setting? If the players were super passive I’d just cbet here a lot like $80, but with 2 seemlingly splashy players IP on me I’m more inclined to do some checking with the intention of raising all in against any sizable bet

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