Fold to 3bet stat in high vs low/no rake games

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Fold to 3bet stat in high vs low/no rake games

Hey guys, I am curious--how should our fold to 3bet stat change with higher rake, given that most players are playing 3bet or fold from most positions? Obv (i think?) our 4bet stat should be higher to capitalize on more merged 3bet ranges and to avoid rake, but how does our cold call stat change, given we pay more rake, but are up against wider ranges? It obv goes down, but I'm wondering at what percentage and how overall fold to 4bet stat changes given these variables (higher rake but wider 3bet ranges). I've been using preflop guru ranges and tailoring them a bit to my games' rake structure (Ignition and Bros 1/2 and 2/4+ respectively--posted in low stakes bc these games play similar to low stakes or more likely high micros on stars)--so opening a lot more suited kings which block 3betting hands and playing suited connectors at lower frqs (these hands play well against a 3bet generally but it sucks that we have to pay high rake when we call the 3bet). 4betting hands like AJo/AQo at higher frqs (for instance, CO vs SB, HJ vs SB respectively, which my ranges have as around 25% 4bet which I would randomize more like 35-40% and do fewer cold calls). Is my approach correct? My fold to 3bet stat was around 70 percent in my first session of 1k hands using PT4 on ignition which I think is obv way too high but I think it's prob a bit of low sample, and playing too many tables/getting a bit lazy at times.

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