Getting C/R'sd at Live 1-3

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Getting C/R'sd at Live 1-3

Live 1-3

7 handed
UTG straddle to $5

Hero raise AsJh to $18
CO splashy older guy cold calls
Unknown new to table guy in mid 30's w $205ish calls SB
Straddle calls

Flop J62r one diamond
Check check, Hero bet $30 into $70
Co fold, Sb raise to $75, fold, Hero call $45

Turn 9d
Pot = $220
Sb jams for $130ish

I think I would often fold this in an online environment given people seem to not be overplaying in multi-way pots quite as much, but I'm not really sure what to think about this. What would be the relevant information to really take in here to make my decision? I do think he can have some AJ in range, and maybe a low percentage of KJ, as well as varying frequencies of stuff like J2s, J6s, 62s, and maybe even QQ given he overcalled and sometimes people will defend surprisingly wide as overcallers in live games.

I think it's incredibly close to being a breakeven call, just not really sure how to decide one way or the other.

I kind of think maybe we just shrug call because of the price, and the value range being relatively narrow, so he only needs a small percentage of overplayed JK, and AJ to make it a call. Then the X factor exists too, where sometimes an unknown will show up out in left field with something crazy like 88 lol

what do you think?

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