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GTO - Loss leaders

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GTO - Loss leaders

I recently had a discussion with someone about "loss leaders" in GTO and want other input about this.


What is a loss leader? A loss leader is a hand combo (such as A5s) that plays a lower EV line for it's own combo so that another combo(AA) can generate more EV in the same range. So lets say A5s 3-bets preflop at <0EV so that AA can generate more EV than the lost EV.

Your opponent will also play GTO and is flexible. This means that your opponent can adjust.

GTO Definition: An equilibrium where neither player can make an adjustment to increase it's EV.


My argument is that a loss leader does not exist. All combo's play to their own maximized EV. To do this it has to keep in mind ranges. But it will always try to maximize it's own EV.
Example slowplaying sets: You don't slowplay sets a % off time to 'protect' your range. You slowplay those amount of times because it's the highest EV those set combo's will get. If you never slowplay your opponent will adjust and attack your checking range harder. This makes it so that slowplaying a set becomes more profitable than betting. There is a breakpoint and that's why you check a certain % off sets on some boards.

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