Hand example ITT. Constructing balanced ranges/ Minimum defense frequency question

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Hand example ITT. Constructing balanced ranges/ Minimum defense frequency question

I am currently working on constructing balanced ranges so I just need a check if I am thinking correct about this stuff/ not making any blunders or missing something.


We open the following range from the CO to 3bb: 22+, A2s+, K9s+, Q9s+, J9s+, T9s, 98s, 87s, 76s, 65s, 54s, A9o+, KTo+, QTo+, JTo 318/1326 (23.98%)

We get 3b by BTN to 9bb, for the purposes of my question his range isn't importaint here.

We have the following strategy CO vs BTN 3b:

This is the range we defend(34% of our opening range) so that we dont overfold vs BTN 3b.
99+, AK, AQ, KQ, AJ s,A2s-A5s(16c) , KJ s, =108 combos

We 4b 40 combos in total with balanced frequency
4b AA, KK, 12 combos of AKo for value and balance with A2s-A5s resulting in 24:16 ratio of value:bluff

That leaves us with 68 combos in our flatting range: QQ-99, AJs+, KJs+, AQo, KQo

Flop comes T23r and our opponent bets 1/2 pot. According to Minimum defense frequency(MDF) we have to call 67% of our flatting range in order to prevent him to print money by overbluffing.

67% of our 68 combos in flatting range is 45 combos and to me it seams best candidates are 99-QQ(24 combos) AKs(4 combos) AQ(16 combos) =44 combos

So those 44 combos should call the flop and we proceed with same thought process on the turn etc... Of course as we get reads on our opponents we make exploitative adjustments

Is everything ok here or did I make any blunders/missunderstand some stuff?

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