Hand from live $10$25 game...Looking for feedback on all decision points

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Hand from live $10$25 game...Looking for feedback on all decision points

Utg +2 loose passive (spot) opens $75
Lojack good pro, tight aggressive calls
Highjack old man, tight aggressive calls
Hero in cutoff (5K effective), fairly active but tight aggressive image 3B to $350 KQcc
Btn calls (I'm blanking on who this was)
BB well known pro, very solid image, not bullying table, playing a strong range, 4bets $1000

folds around to me, take about 30 seconds, consider shoving, BB and Btn have me covered... feel like Btn would have 4bet any premiums so not too worried about him coming over the top with a back raise. Think BB range could include all suited Ax in this spot, 99+, all AKoff, possibly AQoff... I'm getting a good price ($650 with $1935 in middle) on a call and like I said already, not too worried about Btn coming over top. I call, Btn folds.

Flop ($2585) 10h8h6c

Villian leads $1100

I take about 30-45 sec and shove a little more than 4K.. thinking all Ax that aren't hearts will fold.. I think all A10 will fold.. 99 fold and JJ maybe, AhKx fold.... A6hh and AJhh+ will call.. QQ+ calls... obviously 88 and 1010 call...

I also feel like my range is very strong here... 88, 1010, QQ+, and AQhh+

Any thoughts? To those of you that are good at combinatorics or have pio can you tell me if my assumptions are good.. is my line good? Do I put villain on too wide of a range pre?

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