Handling pre-flop shoves correctly?

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Handling pre-flop shoves correctly?

So I have had two instances on 2/2 NLHE where I'm not sure if I made the correct moves pre-flop against aggresive players and I would like to hear some feedback. Coincidentally, both were on my first hand of the night so I was starting off with a full stack at 200.

1: I was in the big blind and had AK. Folded around to guy on the button who raised 5x. Small blind then re-raises to 50. I flat call and button shoves for only 30 more. Small blind flat calls that, and then I go all in for 120 more to rep big to maybe get small blind to fold. He calls. Small blind had pocket 8s. Button had pockets 10s. Small blind wound up winning with a set.

2: My second hand I've seen of the night . Look down at pocket 9s. Under the gun raises 4x. I call. Then folded to small blind who shoves all in for about 35. UTG flat calls. And I'm prettty sure I made a nit fold here but I did. SB wound up having KK and UTG had AJs. But, in that formation it's probably best to at least see a flop because I would've hit a set there. Lol

Any feedback helps!

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