Having a Check Range on the flop as IP PFR

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Having a Check Range on the flop as IP PFR

First, I come to a place where simplified strategies like range betting flops for 1/3 still works really well. At the same time I still have this big ambition of moving up to mid-highstakes, and the confidence I´ll do it (eventually :) ). Always being part of this community (mostly as a watcher, but I´m trying to expand my posts), last 2-3 years I´m seeing enough coaches preaching they are not really range betting anymore on a lot of flop spots, as 200nl (I hear this mostly from coaches at those stakes or higher) players improved a lot and are responding way more optimally.

The strategy in these cases obviously involves some polarization, which seems obv as if we have a checking range, our bets comes from value or bluffs. Obv stuff I guess. Yet, as a matter of fact, the solver actually mixes checks in pretty much all of its range, at some frequency that comes to negligible to big. For example, As7d2c, GTOWixard (50nl rake structure) says we check 57.5% of the time. The KK-JJ high frequency checks are pretty easy to understand, as checking Kx with good kickers. Yet, we should check some strong hands also, like AK.

I mean, I get we could use blockers as a simplification when deciding to slowplay some holdings here. Like, obv slowplaying AA, some A7 etc seems a good idea. Yet, the frequency seems to matter for our ranges on later streets. And obv simplifying to only check the condensed part of the range without RNG'ing the stronger holdings seems, in my intuition, the exact reason ppl who try to split ranges instead of range betting ends up overfolding later on due to the weak range.

So, after contextualizing things, here comes my question. Esp to the coaches, but anyone who figured this out and want to give his 2c and helps your "brother" here :) is welcome. How do you approach range construction in situations like this, when you don´t bet full range? Do you simplify to checking strong hands that blocks continues, at maybe 50/50 to account for the fact you won´t be checking all holdings GTO is supposed to do?

I understand pretty well that executing accurately a simplified strategy is probably way better than having a complicated one that I mess up, so how big of a leak would it be to use this complicated but still executable strategy that will probably still arrive turn with the wrong frequencies? Compared to keeping range betting?


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