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Help with Tilt

I am a winning player that struggles with episodes of emotional tilt/rage, and I am looking for advice for what you all have previously found that helps you. Below is my current plan of attack for improving my emotional control while playing cards. Anything you would add to it?

-- Exercise 30 min / day. I used to be an athlete and I don't think I have done anything physical straining in 10 years.
-- Improve diet.
-- 8 hours sleep per night. I feel sluggish even if I get 7 hours.
-- Play set hours of each day. Stop when time is up. This is essential to managing the many competing responsibilities I have.
-- Biweekly check my bankroll status. (I habitually check my progress during a session. Watching it go down will produce a very negative response, and I am very confident that my bankroll management will not put me at risk if I check every other week)
-- Read Peter Clarke's Poker Therapy, diagnose my tilt type, and put in a proactive means of addressing.
-- Commit to studying and implementing a specific poker topic each week.
-- Thorough hand history review of the topic I am learning at a set time on Sunday. this would be a significant increase and would be more beneficial when it is focused on a specific topic.

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