Hero fold or pay off?

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Hero fold or pay off?

BN: $2050.29 (Hero)
SB: $3035.16
BB: $1586.30
UTG: $1184.68
HJ: $2633.29
CO: $2349.18
Sb is a reg
Preflop ($15.00) (6 Players)
Hero was dealt A Q
UTG folds, HJ raises to $20, CO folds, Hero calls $20, SB raises to $95, BB folds, HJ calls $75, Hero calls $75
Flop ($300.00) A T Q (3 Players)
SB bets $146, HJ folds, Hero calls $146
Easy call, raising is terrible imo
Turn ($592.00) A T Q 7 (2 Players)
SB bets $395, Hero calls $395
Decent card because it gives him a few more semi-bluffs.
River ($1382.00) A T Q 7 6 (2 Players)
SB bets $2399.16, and is all in
Pros for calling:
-He likely value bets AQ here himself
-I block two of the sets
-I don't block any spades, or hands like JTs that he merge bet on the flop

But on the other hand, he c-bet 3-way and then barrels off 200BB total on a board where he doesn't have too many bluffs.


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