Hole card bb/100. Wat?

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Hole card bb/100. Wat?


I analyze a lot lately bc I lost a lot in last months, I reviewed my game in a lot of possible ways. I lost all my confidence in my game, otherwise I wouldn't consider myself as someone who doesnt beat Nl200. Today just for sake of curiosity, I looked at individual starting hands just to see whats going on. First I just wanted to check out borderline hands, and big loser hands, so I asked someone, an 1k+ player to tell me his bb/100.
Hands from this year, 60% is NL200, other is Nl500, maybe 3-4% NL100.

KQs is 13bb/100, but not in the pic.

The pokerfriend I asked, playing 1k+,470k sample.:

in bb/100

AKs 316(lol, 3.6 times than mine)
AA 1047 (lol I won more with this actually)
AKo 192
KK 870
QQ 485
JJ 278
TT 196
99 151
AQs 125
AQo 103
KQs 100

So I'm very lost in this numbers. I mean is it possible that I play so bad to won as less money with those hands as I did? Difference is like KK 200bb/100, AKo 80bb/100, AKs 220bb/100. If I won KK like 200bb/100 more its half of my downswing. I play a tag strategy, 23/17 8.1 3bet, so its NOT like I play 16/12 3 on SH tables and putting in AKs 100bb preflop and expect to see a profit.

Furthermore, those are my biggest loser hands:

A3s for example I went allin preflop 3 times, so its not like I 3b/5b every instance with lot of hands, 1time was only 8bb lol. With T9s is like I put in 1 smallblind and then always fold lol.



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