How does my Cbet sizing on flops differ from Online to Live?

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How does my Cbet sizing on flops differ from Online to Live?

Basically, I have thought about this for a while and would like some feedback.

In alot of online scenarios 1/3 cbets work really well, as people will fold their air(likely overfold often), and under check raise, moving onto the next hand

In live, my gut and experience says, that even say in a Bttn vs BB spot where they have a wide range, if we are using a 1/3 size, it is probably common that we will get more pure floats with something like J high or T high. AKA, they are calling more I would guess.

Since they are calling more, our value hands would gain value from using a larger sizing. However, they probably then begin to fold more against the bigger sizing(yet likely still call too light, as I am often shocked at what I see people call 50%-75% cbets with in many many situations)

My gut says that we want to adjust by just using a bigger flop size. So say in a spot where we might go 1/3 online, maybe we start going more 1/2, and that the net result will be similar. We may begin to then have a few more marginal check behinds as our cbet size gets bigger.

However, when I think of it now, the mistake they are essentially making is over valuing hands, meaning their "marginal call region" is likely going to be wider than it should be because they over value something like A high even vs 66% cbet. Suppose this just means we get to use larger sizings because our value bets benefit alot from this. However, they often have very wide ranges, so us cbetting pure air also benefits when they just check fold their non showdown/equity hands. What this leads me to think, that in general we want to be using larger cbets, and cbetting much more aggressively(especially in the absence of them doing the betting for us in the case we find a board we would usually check to them and do some check raising)

Could we just automate flop cbets to 50% in spots that usually see 1/3 cbets? Where say on a A85 flop when we bet 1/3 against a live player, they may call alot with say JTo or QJo, or Kh's, but if we just use a slighly bigger bet, we get to deny equity more effectively.

A hold up I have is "if they call too wide on flop, we can just barrel more", but this leads us to uncertain grounds, where I would almost rather play a simpler strategy where I can anticipate their actions easier, meaning I can more clearly gauge their reaction with a 1/2 cbet, and can play turns and rivers more apprpriately. Rather than using a 1/3 and auto assuming they call too much and maybe getting in trouble by bluffing way too much air on turns.

Hope that all makes sense.

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