How Multi-Tabling Might Help A Newbie

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How Multi-Tabling Might Help A Newbie

Hey guys, up until the past 2 weeks, I was convinced that the best way to go about learning the game was to reflect deeply about each decision in poker by playing only one table at a time. After playing 3 tables-multi this week, I've put in more volume than I have in any other single week and playing multi has helped me in so many ways.

  1. Takes away tilt: one really bad hand psychologically seems so insignificant when you're trying to run the same strategy on 3 other tables. Suddenly you don't care about losses, and bad beats simply no longer discourage you.

  2. Tripling your sample size of hands allows you to learn from a mistake in one hand and apply what you've learned relatively quickly on the next table.In particular, making lapses in my strategy or doing something wrong out of position.

  3. Makes it much easier to be honest with your self about whether you should fold. Since there is so much other stuff going on, you don't mind doing practically nothing on a table for an extended period of time.

Coming from a software/math background, I've always learned things well by going about them slowly, thinking about concepts deeply and methodically. I never realized that simply increasing volume and sample size could have such a drastically positive effect on my mentality.

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