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How to choose the best betsize line with solver?

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How to choose the best betsize line with solver?

Hi Guys,

actually i try to work on my 3bet oop strategy.

I run two sims in GTO+. One sim with a 33% Bet on the flop and one sim with a 55% Bet on the flop. Both sims with a subset of 55 Flops.

My goal was to find out the "best" sizing.
When I compared the two Sims, I was surprised how close the EV from both sims is.

SB vs BTN 3betPot on a AsAcKh Flop:
1) Rangebet with 100% Frequency: EV of 14,04 for the SB
2) 55% Bet with 51% Frequency: EV of 13,82

What means the EV Difference in bb? And is this a small or a big difference between this two situations?

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