How to construct value/bluff ratios according to our bet sizings?

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How to construct value/bluff ratios according to our bet sizings?

Recently I have made an attempt to play my range more precisely particulary on flop/turn by divinding parts of my range into value/bluff. I have came across a concept from Mathew Jandas book "Applications of No-Limit Hold em" where he advises for the following ratios:

2 to 1 bluffs to value on the flop
1 to 1 bluff to value on the turn
1 to 2 bluff to value on the river

The problem I see here is that for example if we bluff on the turn with AQo on board 2332r we can still hit our A/Q and it will most often be good but constructing our range using the ratios above seamingly assumes that our "bluffs portion" has no equity, correct me if im wrong please. So can someone please explain to me how do you go about constructing balanced ranges for each street. To make things easier I will give an hand example:
We open this range UTG: 55+, ATs+, A5s-A2s, KTs+, QTs+, JTs, AJo+, KQo

Villain calls with this range on the Button: TT-44, AQs-ATs, KTs+, QTs+, JTs, AQo, KQo

Flop comes T23r, turn comes 5r and lets say we want to bet flop 33% and turn 70%. How would we construct a balanced strategy?

I apologize if I am asking for too much work with these ranges, any advice on learning material where I can study these concepts is much appreciated too.

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