How to exploit low fold vs 3bet playerpool

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How to exploit low fold vs 3bet playerpool

Hi. What should be proper adjustment vs this playerpool

CO vs BTN fold vs 3bet 42%, 4bet 20%
And after they call 3bet my cbet succes is only 22.2%

Should i widen my range or tighten (now it's 12% bet BTN vs CO)? Should i increase sizing preflop 3bets? I own PIO license but cannot make preflop sims. For now i am using ranges that i bought for NL100 rake but i play nl25 with 2x higher rake.

Ive implemented strategy that almost never cold calls (only in big blind) and only 4bets vs 3bets to avoid paying rake but this playerpool tends to call as phuck which ruins all my plans.

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