How to exploit the 200nl Bovada zone pool??

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How to exploit the 200nl Bovada zone pool??

Ok I noticed that on Bovada zone 200nl roughly all the regs employ the same strategy. They overfold and only play QQ KK AK and AA. Everything else is folded. The short stacking rec players obviously play very wide ranges and set mine but every time i saw a 3b pot it was those hands AIPF.

This got me thinking. There has to be a way to exploit this. I quickly learned that calling 3b with AJ AQ or pockets are generally dominated if an ace comes and if we miss our set w a pp we get blown off our hand.

This reminds me of a thread on twoplustwo where 2 guys have a propbet where one bets the other he can win if villian has AA every hand.

This dynamic is similar to our 200 bovada pool. Now obviously the bet has giant margins of error 300 hands is not nearly enough to be statistically significant. That and in the bet player who has AA everytime is capable of folding AA where we can assume that in a anonymous zone pool most villians are never folding AA unless super super deep.

So my question is how can we alter our play so that we can play optimally versus such a tight range. I have experimented with playing hands that can't be dominated and flop well like med suited connectors. Also tried limping to avoid being 3b which so far has been a successful adjustment.

So if we made this into a toy game everytime we get 3b villian has AAKK AK how do we play??

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