How to interpret winrate facing a 3bet?

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How to interpret winrate facing a 3bet?

Hi guys,

I have noticed that my winrate facing 3bets is waaaaay too low and costs me a ton of money overall. Can anyone tell me how to interpret those numbers? How to use them and draw conclusions about what I must do wrong?

First thing that I guessed is that my 4bet range is too low. I guessed that because my winrate when 4betting is really really high when I only 4bet this range.

So here is my winrate when faced a 3bet : my overall BB/100 is -223bb/100. My CO winrate and SB winrate is lower than if I opened them 3x and then folded 100% versus a 3bet: there is a clear issue.

This is my winrate when calling a 3bet: my overall bb/100 is lower than if I opened all of my hands and then folded them all. Only "winning" by a very small margin in the BTN and EP.

So I guess part of the problem is my postflop play, because I base myself on ranges designed for microstakes based on snowie which I have seen many pros say a lot of good about it.

I am looking at least for the mathematical tools to have a guess on how to find the issue! :D
Otherwise, I will post some hands in pots where I get 3bet to work on my postflop game in these spots, as I must be too passive. Thx!

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