How to play pair + NFD OOP

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How to play pair + NFD OOP

20NL equivalent 6-max cash.

Villain is UTG, TAG reg. Hero is in BB. Effective stacks are 100BB.

Villain raises to 3.5x. Hero calls in the BB with Ad3d.

Flop is 3c5d6d. Villain bets 3/4 pot. Hero calls.

Turn is Kh. Villain bets 55% pot, Hero calls.

River is Js. Check check. Villain wins with QQ.

I usually have problems playing pair + NFD out of position.

I think 3-betting preflop is preferable against 3.5x raise. But in-game I didn't think too much and just called.

Flop should be good for my range. I think flop call is ok, but perhaps I can check-raise? If he re-raises, I can get it all in.

OTT, I can't fold bottom pair + NFD, can I? Also, I'm almost getting direct odds to call, since I probably have 11-14 outs. Should I check-raise turn? Doesn't make too much sense to me, since K is good for his range.

River is whatever, but even if I hit the flush on the river I'm gonna have a hard time getting paid.

Not sure how to play this.

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