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HU river spot

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HU river spot

Villain SB $2 ($464)

Hero BB $4 ($855) 

Villain raises to $8, Hero 3b to $28 with AsAc, Villain calls. 

(pot $55.5) Flop 6c3h2h, Hero bets $36, Villain calls. 

(pot $122) Turn Js, Hero bets $81, Villain calls. 

(pot $301) River 5d, Hero?? 

Effective Stacks are a pot sized bet. We were about 35 hands into the match and he was raising 90% on button for a min raise and 3b 35% and flatted my 3bets 3/3 times.  I think he has some bluff catchers in his range (including 77-99, Jxhh, 76s, 86s, A6s, K6s, A3s, and probably has some like KhJx AhJx KxJh AxJh).  He has some bluffs, like A7hh A8hh a9hh AThh KhTh KhQh Kh9h Kh8h Kh7h QhTh Qh9h Qh8h Qh7h 7h8h 7h9h 9h8h Th9h Th8h.. and obviously the hands that I fear 22,33,66, J6s, 65s, 54s, 64s, 34s, 44, 55. 

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