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HUNL 1000: old school big shove. Thoughts?

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HUNL 1000: old school big shove. Thoughts?

BB: ImHungry: 2075.05
SB: CHEVAL: 2191.70
Night session against a good reg ; I'm in the mood of challenging myself these days, willing to play the good players HU.
We were 2-tabling, vilain was playing a standard agressive HU game, opening 95% BTNs, defending very wide BB, 75% VPIP, and 3betting tight, 12%.
I've been playing a tighter, tricky style, opening 75% BTN, 65% VPIP BB, 3betting 22%. Used a lot of checking back flop when on the button, and tricky lines: delayed C-bets, delayed raises, etc. My image is relatively creative but also pretty solid IMO.
For a while was opening 2.5x, then switched back to 2x and played a bit looser.
Preflop (15) (2 Players)
CHEVAL was dealt 8 7
CHEVAL raises to 20, ImHungry raises to 80, CHEVAL calls 60
OK so I'm open folding a fair amount of SB as compared to my opponent, but my strategy was to peel a lot of his 3b, even if he's 3betting tight and mostly for value. Not using a 4b strategy.
Anyway, here's an easy flat.
Flop (175) J 5 3 (2 Players)
ImHungry bets 100, CHEVAL calls 100
Turn (375) 6 (2 Players)
ImHungry bets 240, CHEVAL raises to 1980
Floating the flop, keeping with the sticky strategy when in position. Vilain has seen me making big shoves earlier in the match and didn't see my hand.
What do u think of shoving a ton of money on this turn? It is pretty fishy in some way, but with the right image I feel it is strategically interesting.
What do u think of this kind of big, old school, shoves in modern games? Are they really outdated or can we find merits to them?

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