Hypothetical Hand

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Hypothetical Hand

Live 1-2
Older recreational man raises HJ to $11 w 2 limps ahead, playing around $300
Hero on BB w KK covers and makes it $40
HJ calls

Flop Q55hh
Hero bets $40
He calls

Turn 6h, Hero bets between $65-$80(with all KK combos, I think it's still a value bet on turn not blocking Kh FWIW, theres likely more AQ combos than flushes/sets in his total range, plus we can get thin value/protection from a hand like JJh and TTh) setting up a river shove...
Villain rips it for $220

Would you defend KK with a heart in it? Do you think an unknown older recreational is shipping it with a hand like AhQx at a high clip, or unlikely?

A few assumption; villains opening range is going to be very narrow, mostly broadway heavy. He will likely flat all AK combos pre, and QQ combos pre.. unknown if he is opening a hand like AJo or KQo. Think a hand like QTs is a toss up, some limps and some raises, same with QJo. Guessing QJo gets folded preflop.

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