I am not sure if we should 3bet jam vs turn

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I am not sure if we should 3bet jam vs turn

LATB hand, not sure if I can discuss it.

Turn decision, this is not optimal play by Andy for sure, but I want to know is Andy bluffing here to let the weak player (i am not sure if he is aggressive or passive rec player) fold A3 A5?or he is just overplaying his AJ? or he just want to deny the equity vs FD? He could be drawing dead vs set, straight, 2P.

What is the best size we should use on the turn? Is checking here is bad?

Is Andy made a super good counter play as the weak player just x-r 6x to our turn c-bet? call/fold/jam?

I think in the most live game we cannot call off AJ here.
I can believe the weak player just x-r 90bb and not gamble with his last 100BB with a FD.


And this?

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