Solvers can KILL your winrate

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Solvers can KILL your winrate

If used incorrectly, that is! Here are some tips on what's important and what's not:

  1. Focus on what different hand classes are doing, not what goes on within each hand class.

  2. In lines where you are mixing bet and check, pay extra attention to the composition of your betting/checking range. It is getting the composition wrong that makes you exploitable, not the frequency of different hand classes (and definitely not the frequency of specific combos). Frequency is the means, composition is the end.

  3. Always look at frequencies relative to the global frequency (how often your entire range is betting).

  4. If you are using piosolver, range explorer is incredibly useful for points 1-3. You should be spending more time in range explorer than the main browser.

  5. The main reason why we learn GTO is to exploit our opponents better. If you don't find yourself deviating from GTO frequencies much, you're probably using solvers incorrectly.

Check out this video for more tips:
I Coach JohnnieVibes! What everyone gets wrong about GTO

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