I Play like a chicken

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I Play like a chicken

MP is a loose passive fish and I want to keep him in the pot, but my hand is also vulnerable. I decided because we are slightly deep I can mix in some cold calls with some strong hands and keep the fun player in the pot. That was my original plan, but then a squeeze happened and because we were slightly deep I didn't know what to do. Part of my said there is a lot of dead money, CO won't flat KK and AA here, I should be 4 bet back raising and getting HU with some dead money. CO is a solid reg. BB is unknown, but judging by stack size going to be recreational.

$400 effective with CO.
UTG folds
MP limps $2
CO $8
Hero SB QsQc calls $8
BB ($99) squeeze to $28
MP folds
CO calls
Hero calls *Spot I thought I should back raise here.

Flop ($86) 3s 6d 6s
Hero checks
BB all in $71
Co calls $71
Hero calls $71

Again another spot I thought I should be raising. I still have to beat whatever the BB has, but I am thinking if CO has KK or AA, she would 4 bet preflop vs the squeeze.

Turn ($299) 3s 6d 6s - 6c
Hero check
Co check
BB is already all in

RIver ($299) 3s 6d 6s - 6c - Jh
Hero check
BB check

I think on this river, I should be betting around $75 (25%) at least given all the previous action. I was ranging CO on 99-JJ, so river slightly worried me, also still have to beat whatever BB has.

Criticism welcomed. :-)

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