I really hate this game

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I really hate this game

I really hate this game, every day i can see it more cleary, i should quit it and never ever in my life play poker.
Day by day, i try to seat to game with clear mind, focused and with good attitiude and play my A - game, but every time it ends exactly the same. Lost session and tilt. Shouldnt i win from time to time? Just like bad players do, they sometimes win. I feel like im losing every fu...ing time.

And whats more funny, how can you beat this fu....ing rake.

Do i really pay more than 10bb/100 on P* !!!!!! Its not possible, i just cant belive it.......
Where do you guys play? On what sites?

Sorry for spam, but Im so frustrated right now. And the worst thing is that i try to get better, i try to study, learn and completely nothing, 0 effects.
And its ruins my day, Im angry and in the bad moon, my wife is angry on me and so on.
Really hate it.
I really should quit this game, it looks that my mind is not prepared for such things.

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