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Interesting spot with top pair +nfd

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Interesting spot with top pair +nfd

300bb eff 2/5
Villain is a stationy/pretty tag/older type who's been aggressive post flop but mostly had it (from showdowns) when he makes aggressive actions post flop
I raise a limper from cutoff to 25
Villain on the button calls (doesn't 3b much at all)
bb calls and limper does as well
I have a8spades
A 75 two spades
2 Checks to me I bet 50 Into 100
Villain (ip) makes it 150 after thinking about it
I call.
Turn is a red jack.
I check villain checks behind
River 2 spades-
Do we like leading or check raising more?
Wondering what you guys think as there are good reasons for both I think

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