Interesting turn spot playing deep 25NL

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Interesting turn spot playing deep 25NL

Anonymous 25nl, 6max.

BTN(200bb) limp
sb(59bb) call
Hero BB(200bb) 5bb raise with QQ
BTN call
sb call

Flop 6h4h3c (15bb)
SB check
Hero cbet 9bb
BTN call
SB call

Turn Qh (42bb)
SB check
Hero check
BTN pots 42bb
SB shoves 44bb
Hero fold

BTN still has over 100bbs to shove behind if I call. Most fish would have rr for value on the flop with sets etc? If they call flop with a set would they really pot on a flush turn? So I have like 20% eq vs straights and flushes.

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