Interpreting PIO outputs

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Interpreting PIO outputs

Hey guys. Im somewhat new to PIO and was just solving a spot where I couldnt really understand why PIO was doing what it was. Maybe someone could help me :)

Situation is pretty simple. 6max 100bb co 3bp vs mp and flop 884r. So this is a spot where I would have considered it standard to simplify and cb range 33%, but looking at the EVs of certain strategies with the ranges I was using, IP actually retains more EV by cbetting range for 66% sizing

EV comparison (Starting pot 16)

Ranges I used


Anyway, the part that really confused was how big a difference there is in OOPs x/r frequency vs IPs flop sizings. PIO check raises way more vs the 66% size, which seems quite counter intuitive to me, as I wouldve thought we want to x/r more vs the small sizing from IP in order to stop them from seeing turn and river for very cheap. Can anyone explain why this is? Here is OOPs strat vs each sizing.

OOP vs IP 33% range cbet

OOP vs IP 66% range cbet

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