Is straddling a viable strategy?

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Is straddling a viable strategy?

Hopping back into live games, and something that I've always wondered about is seeing people who I think are Regs/good players, straddling the button.

It appears to me at first glance this isn't going to yield the highest EV. When you are straddling the button, you are essentially placing 2bb blind into the pot with a 100% range of hands. I don't see how this can be overcome by simply not doing it and being able to not put in 2bb with a 100% range lol.

The obvious advantage is being IP and forcing everyone to act in front of you, sometimes outright winning the blinds, or being able to attack capped limping ranges for bigger sizings(capitalizing on dead money)

Also, imagine a lot of recreational players will respond very poorly to straddles, making their raises more faceup, as well as their limps. However, it cuts the other way as well, meaning people might be tightening up their limps, not wanting to limp $10 rather than $5.

Any crushers out there who implement button straddling for good reasons that I am unaware of? Or maybe are there opportune times to be straddling depending on table dynamics?

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