Is this always spew?

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Is this always spew?

Anonymous tables with no hud. 10nl
I almost feel like explo folding this flop as people are not balanced in this spot. They rarely ever bluff like ATcc, maybe 1 in 30 times? Don't they always x/call with KJ/KQ/AK? Whenever they raise here its 22/55, sometimes AK?

Me 200b's start AKo
Fi 130bb's

LJ(fi) raise 3bb
HJ(me) 3b 11bb
LJ(fi) call

Flop(23bb) Kc 5d 2h
LJ check
Me cbet 1/3
LJ raise 2.5x
Me call

Turn 10s
LJ cbet 1/2 pot
Me call

River 8x
LJ shoves
Me calls

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