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ISO, turn play OOP after range cbet

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ISO, turn play OOP after range cbet

Hey guys, posting a hand after longer time. Moved to gg, started at nl25, hopefully moving up to nl25 in the near future.

To the hand, pre seems standard.

Flop: Even if we dont have a nut advantage (sets), I still think our overpair advantage and his wider range allows us to go for a range cbet due to equity advantage.

Turn: I think we might actually simplify a range check here. We do have ton of overcards and his range should be tighter (I guess he is overfolding on a flop like that, just because is so hard to meet the MDF for him with hands JTo,QJo,QTo etc.

  • against a smaller sizing, I think we have to peel once, however, his sizing is kinda saying that I am ready to play for "stacks". That said, I think we might actually just shove or fold. And our hand is pretty close. Do we expect him to be overbluffing? My thought in game was that probably not, because I assumed that OTF he might fold most of his naked air.

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