Isolate and go 3 way

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Isolate and go 3 way

2-5 Live

2 limps utg and utg1

Hero raise utg 2 AsQd to $35 Covering
2 limpers call w $350 and $500

Flop 445ddh
Checks to hero

Can we be cbetting 1/3 here with AQ+, pairs, and stuff we want to be barreling with?

In the moment I checked not holding the Ad in hand, but I think it makes sense to put out a 1/3 bet for thin value/equity denial. Seems reasonable to just check back if called and retain some showdown/realize equity. Mult way I guess we outta be more selective cbetting, but this seems almost like a value bet. I could see checking back tho if I thought one of the players was aggro with the intention of doing some bluff catching. I wonder if having no diamond in hand would effect things enough to make us want to check back some AQ with no diamond. Probably not. And doing this kinda lets us bet other two broadway hands and puts a weak Ax in villain range into a though spot

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