J10s vs Aggro fish

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J10s vs Aggro fish

Friday night and a huge whale sits down. He is super aggro with open raises and whole table is basically playing off him. This hand is a little spewy preflop, but wanted to mix it up with the fish and take some shots before he bust. He is playing 60-70% vpip with roughly a 50% PFR if no one has raised in front of him.

Hero ($500) UTG JcTc open $20, MP calls, CO calls. villain ($600) btn 3bet to $80.
I call $60 more thinking we may go 4 ways, but I don't mind heads up either. Preflop given the stacks is spewy, but btn range here is super wide around 20% of hands, most broadways (even off suite), most Axs, Would guess 88+ for PP, maybe a mixture of SCs. With low SPR if I flop top pair or 2nd pair I am pretty much going with it vs this villain. Not looking to make a big hand vs this villain, just a draw or a pair pretty much. One hand he raised A4o vs a donk bet on T88r board 4 ways with two people behind him. He loves bluffing preflop and postflop. Another hand he did call all in preflop with KTo where he opened, got 3 bet, and decided to 4 bet all in. So going to war with J10s preflop doesn't give me any fold equity against this guy. Anyways I call and go heads up to the flop.

Flop ($200) 8s6s6c
I check, btn $65, I call.

*calling here with overs, bdfd, bdsd, planning to shove any draw on the turn 9x, Qx, club, and then check call or check shove if turn is a Tx or Jx, let him continue to bluff or if he has beat, it is what it is.

Turn ($330) 8s-6s-6c-2s
i check planning to give up on this card, btn checks back.

*Now my plan is to bet about 1/3 on any river besides Ax as a bluff or for value if I hit. His range is so wide, I don't think he is checking over pairs here just because flush comes in. In his mind he will have 2 pair so he will continue to bet. I think 1/3 gets the job done.

River ($330) 8s-6s-6c-2s-Th
Hero $110, Villain goes all in..... Hero ?About $245 more to call. His line doesn't make any sense to me unless he got tricky with AsXs, but small part of his range. I decided to call.

What are your thoughts on this hand? I know there is not a whole lot of long term strategy in this hand, more of table dynamics and adjusting to the player. I hope I gave enough info on the villain.

Q1) How is my float on the flop calling $65 to win $265 with bdsd, bdfd, + Overs?
Q2) Does it make sense for me to shove draws on the turn to fold out his air for roughly a PSB ($345 into $330)?
Q3) Vs most live players I think most people can fold on this river, but I figured my $110 (1/3) may have induced something vs a rec thinking it's weak. I could check call the river, but I think betting for thinish value vs this guy is best rather than risking it going check / check.

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