JJ facing a cold 4 bet (65bb effective)

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JJ facing a cold 4 bet (65bb effective)

Villain seems slightly tilted. He plays a very wide range, but mostly on the passive side. This hand he shoved so fast preflop I was thinking he had a hand like AK or AQ. If I had to guess his vpip / pfr it would be something like 60 / 15. There has been quite a few 3 bets for table dynamics, but no cold 4 bets. Is this a mandatory call?

UTg $15, Mp1 $15,
Hero CO squeeze JJ to $65
BTN cold calls $65
SB rips $325 all in.
UTg and MP1 folds
Hero reshoves.

Semi hard to range SB, but he can be pretty wide in this spot. I would range him as 88+, AJs+, KQs+ here. Usually my pool would only show up with JJ+ AK here, but his is a fun player. Not really worried about button....

Will share results after I get some feed back here. I had about $500 and Btn had about $400.

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