JJ in a river spot

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JJ in a river spot

Blinds are 5/10 at the Bellagio. I RFI in MP with J❤️J♦️ to $30. Immediate player on my left was a Lithuanian guy whom I had developed a friendship with on the table as we had been chatting during the session. He appeared more on the passive side. He called and another guy called too. So 3-way OTF of 7❤️7♦️4 ❤️. I c-bet $60 into $105 for value and protection. Only the Lithuanian guy called. Heads-up OTT of a 9♦️ bringing dual flush draws on the board. I bet $130 into $225 to charge the draws and to protect my hand. Villian called. K♦️ OTR. I checked and villain bet $200 into $485 rather sheepishly. Tells-wise, I felt he was weak. But logically speaking, I didn’t beat much with my hand OTR. I lost to boats like 44 and 99, K❤️x❤️ and 7x. I only beat front door busted ❤️ draws. What’s the best way to think about this hand OTR? How relevant are our (flush draw) blockers in this hand given we hold 2 red Jacks? Thoughts pls, thank you.

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