JJ on QJ8r

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JJ on QJ8r

$3/$5 nine handed
game is running around a drunk guy who is playing almost any two cards and is on a heater. He is sticking $100-$200 in with gut shots and jamming some gut shots MW for $1k+. I just table changed to play against him, so only 100bb stack.

Question: What is the correct bet size / check raise size given the aggro table dynamics on my left?

EP ($500) limps $5
Hero ($500) MP JJ opens $25
HJ ($2k) calls
EP calls
three ways

Flop ($75) QJ8r
EP checks
Hero checks
HJ bets $65
EP calls $65
Hero ($475) ?

With $205 in the middle I decided to Jam all in because $200 seems kind of small, and I can't think of any bluffs where I am putting in half my stack and setting up a 1/3 sizing on the turn. Also the fact I unblock hands like A10, K10 and Qx makes middle set a good candidate. I am ok with my check raise given how aggro this guy is. I expect him to bet basically any 2 cards here including hands like 97o on the flop.

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