Jumped into 20nl - A very different world

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Jumped into 20nl - A very different world

I apologise for how stream of consciousness this may read.

I am a 2nl/10nl reg on my site of choice. Recently I was invited to a private freeroll on that site and placed second (I made a bad call, I knew it was a bad call, I was just done caring at that point because the payout was still pretty staggering for me)

So now I'm essentially rolled for 50nl but want to play a lot of 20nl instead of punting at 50.

I opened up 4 tables and here's what I've learned:

The biggest thing I've noticed is that everybody floating everything whether they have the odds to or not. It's like everyone subscribes to aejones theorem and they all feel that you have nothing, so they will call you all the way down with bottom pair and hope that they make two pair. Or call you down with air and just fold the river. As a result I think pot control is imperative but also quite dangerous as villain is really going to love that free card.

People aren't as ready to get it in as they are in like 4nl where it's fast and furious.

The LAGs are super aggro. I made trip kings and this guy was barrelling into me like it was nobodies business. Turns out he had a boat. K2o. Yep.

People don't give up easily. Triple barrels are insanely common and the bluffs are better constructed.

Any good videos kicking around that basically detail the jump in pool talent from uNL to the 50-100nl range?

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