Kk 230bb deep facing 4bet

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Kk 230bb deep facing 4bet

5 btn-SB 5 - BB10 monster stack nine handed
Utg (5k) open 35
Utg1 - call
Hero CO ($2.3k) KK 3 bet 140
Sb (4k) cold call 140
Utg- 4bet to 500
Utg1- fold
Hero- flat 500
Sb -call 500

Flop ($1550) QJ5r
Sb- check
Utg- c bet 600
Hero ?

Utg is a solid pro.
SB range 88-QQ, AJs-AKs, AK.

1) should hero 5bet preflop and to what size?

2) If hero calls flop, can we fold any turns i.e. ace or ten? 2-9 stacking off?

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