KK SQZ pot got action from 3 players OTF

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KK SQZ pot got action from 3 players OTF

Blinds: $0.10/$0.25 (9 Players) MP+1: $24.36
MP+2: $39.48
CO: $25.35 (Hero)
BN: $25.00
SB: $21.90
BB: $24.82
UTG: $30.20
UTG+1: $25.00
MP: $26.65
MP+1: 42/19, 3b 9.4, WSD 38, 802
MP: 17/11, F3b 44, Agf 31/30/23, WSD 57, 1.2k
BB: 44/5 97
Preflop ($0.35) Hero is CO with K K
2 folds, MP raises to $0.75, MP+1 calls $0.75, MP+2 folds, Hero raises to $3.00, 2 folds, BB calls $2.75, MP calls $2.25, MP+1 calls $2.25
Flop ($12.10) 8 6 9
BB checks, MP checks, MP+1 checks, Hero bets $3.81, BB calls $3.81, MP raises to $8.75, MP+1 calls $8.75, Hero calls $4.94, BB folds
Was tanking for a while whether cbet this board or not. Decided to cbet since I think that I need some kind of a protection vs 2 fishy guys. Deciding whether 1/3 is better than 1/2. Not sure, but I feel like now AQ,AJ,AK type of hands might call,QJs,KTs as well. And probably recs might bluff raise at some frequency.
However, got raised by the reg player.. not sure why the hell he would use such a small size with sets? Also not sure if 88-99 are in his range preflop. I felt like its TT-QQ as a protection/value raise. Having a Kc I think we are getting really good odds - 12%, so cant fold right now I guess.
Turn ($42.16) 8 6 9 4
MP checks, MP+1 checks, Hero checks
Decided to check for pot control. Still 88-99 are in the MP range at some frequency. Being IP, I can value bet most of the rivers.
River ($42.16) 8 6 9 4 5
MP checks, MP+1 bets $12.61 and is all in, Hero
every 7 is now a straight and he also could have some sets/twopairs in his range.. is he ever vbetting sth like JJ-QQ (based on his 3b, I think we can exclude these combos). But still we should keep in mind that he is a rec player and we need to be good only in 19% of the time. (not that concerned about the reg after he checked the river). On the other hand he has to bluffing QT,JT,KT type of hands to allow us to call this profitably.

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