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LAG versus TAG

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LAG versus TAG

At the lowest levels, do we have enough fold equity postflop to have a wide opening range? Is variance a thing? Is a 10nl player good enough to opening more?

Personally, I believe a 25/20 already may be called LAG considering what a 18/15 is playing. I think getting over the 27vpip might be spewy a bit too much. I also think that a big ego might cause people to play with a VPIP higher then 28 at the lower stakes. Would Phil Galfond be able to do it at 10nl? Sure. Would a 100nl player be able to do it at 10nl? Sure. However, when you are just moving up, you might want to consider that you might be a bit better than the pool or a bit worse, but not much better (versus regs).

It might also cause less variance to play a tighter range (20-24vpip). So moving up might become a bit slower, but you might not have huge spikes in your sessions.

Just wondering what everybody here thinks about it.

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