Lets Exploit this villain

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Lets Exploit this villain

Hey there lets have some fun and come up with our best exploits for this Villain. My guess is that this an old Man Coffee type live player playing online. Let me know if you need any more stats. Cheers!

some facts about his game.
1) He is only RFI for value worst hands 88 for pairs and K9s suited, A10off. does not seem overly positionally aware.

2)The rest of his VPIP is all liner so overall he is just playing the top 20% of hands

2) 3 bet is 2% over 4k hands all for value what should we do???

3) his fold to 3bet is quite high at 75%

4) post flop his C bets % FL-77 Tu-70 R-80%

5)He is defending his BB VS in position 30.25%

6) He is defending his BB Vs SB 24% can some one tell me MDF Vs my 3X (we are printing money here)

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