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Limp strategy

I play in a $2\$5 game where it frequently goes 4-5 ways to the flop for $20-$25 each. I am questioning is it better to limp the bottom part of my range where we have a higher SPR postflop with some hands like 22-88, 87s-J10s, Axs, or should we continue to raise these hands 4bb?

I experimented a little bit because of my work with snowie of min raising some hands, 3bb others, and psb others. Not sure if I learned anything over the small sample. I know the min open really threw people off and started getting 3bet with hands like QJo from MP, so I do think they play bad vs min raise and normal vs 3x or 4x open.

Recently watched the video of Juan pastor playing 3\6 ans 5\10 and he talked briefly about playing a limp strategy.

I am not sure what the best strategy is, maybe limp raise some A10s, KJs hands?

I also know tightening my range and raise larger to get hu, but I dont want to open a hand like AJ, 77, KQ etc to $35 where I force out a lot of dominated hands. Looking to lower my variance, even if it means less EV.

Henry's recent video talks about cbetting 31% pot with entire range rather than splitting range to different sizes, on different textures, with different ranges because human make more mistakes later on in the game tree rather than simplfying their strategy.

Any tips or advice on this is much appreciated.

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