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Line/logic check

Live 2-5

So bit of history here. Villain in this hand is someone I perceive may be a semi thinking reg, but seems to be wayy too loose, and does seem to take way too many opportunities to bluff postflop/turn stuff into bluff. Have seen him 3b squeeze from co things like 85s before in a spot I think was terrible, and also have seen him use pot size as bluff before, turning like 3rd pair into bluff, in maybe an okay spot mult way, but with no blockers etc. my impression is he may very well be overdoing things in a lot of spots so guessing he can overbluff quite a bit....

Anyways, this villain raises CO over a limper to 25

Hero has AsKd on bttn playing 500 eff, we 3b to 75

Folds to co who calls...based on what I’ve seen from him, I think he is going to defend way way too wide here, think possible even things like KQo and AJo.

Flop comes Jh7c4c

He checks
I decide to check behind thinking with no club, and not the driest bord, I prob can have some check backs, and plus vs this villain I think it’s possible I can bluff catch a bit with A high, possibly two streets on specific run outs. Also don’t want to get check raised off our hand if this is something he might do...

Turn 7h
He bets 50 into 150, we call, with intention of calling basically any blank river, unless he like overbets.

Riv 8
He bets 100 into 250
I fold

Basically the 8 interacts well with his turn leading range, and his sizing makes me believe he wants a call. When he has bluffed in past, it seems like he chose big sizings. Has the river been an 7 or below and didn’t complete a FD, I’d prob call any bet below 250.

Just think vs this kind of player, he is going to follow thru on river a lot, so if I’m folding a blank river, I may as well be folding turn, but think he also can have things like KQo in range on turn(maybe even river), so think we gotta call on some. Think it’s a bit too far out to start calling Ah on just any river without a very precise understanding of what he is doing. I know pio prob would fold on a 2o, but pio also probably has some river give ups where this guy might literally take any hand without showdown and bet twice.

That’s also a merit for checking back too in my mind, is we can induce bluffs. I’d also check back more with things like KJ and QJ, as they can get a ton of value from his air region.

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