Live 1-2 w Straddle On

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Live 1-2 w Straddle On

Button straddles $5 and has a $80ish stack. He is pretty clueless as to whats going on, thinking he is first to act from the SB PREflop haha. Playing like 80% and raising some as well

SB calls and is a loose player who has chosen some pretty poor bluff spots that worked out in mult way limp pots on the river

Hero on BB w AsQc and completes at a 9 handed table(thinking straddle may raise lightly relatively often and being able to reraise him and GII comfortably. Also can squeeze vs a raise dependent on player and sizing)

Unknown 60ish year older man raises to $10 from HJ and has around $180 effective

Folds to button who calls, SB calls covering Hero

Hero Re-Raises to $55, HJ calls, other 2 fold

Flop KhQc3s
Pot = $120ish

Effect stacks are around $130ish

Hero checks
Villain Checks

Turn T(no FD present)

Hero Checks
Villain bets $55


A major concern here is that villain may, and actually pretty likely is flatting AK preflop. I dont know how much AJ and KQ offsuit he is calling here vs $55, but i imagine against the entire 1-2 population of older guys who decide to raise, they can definitely be flatting a fair amount of them, and definitely are likely to have the suited combos.

I have a few questions here against an unknown

On the flop, facing a shove, which will be around a pot size bet, can we just fold here assuming he doesn't do this often enough with AJ and AT?

On the turn, this is a particularly bad card IMO because of his probable calling range hitting this card pretty hard (QTs, AJ, KT) Facing even the slight less than half pot turn bet, can we make this call? I'm leaning towards a no. I assume alot of weak older men can be and will be checking behind some AK, and may even have some AA and KK in his preflop range(think flatting AA pre here is probably preeeetty good). checking back some of these strong hands is pretty reasonable given the SPR as well.

Would anyone be deviating from a check here on the flop?

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