Live 1-3 3-Bet Pot

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Live 1-3 3-Bet Pot

Splashy player opens to $15 EP covering Hero
Unknown guy With $200 calls MP
Hero raise AKo to $60, starting with $300
Bad aggro in blinds Cold calls $60 covering table
PFR calls
MP calls
4 way to flop

45K rainbow
Pot = $233
Checks to Hero, who has $240 behind

What kind of sizing do you like here on the flop?

I do think that bad aggro could fold some Kx vs a jam, as a side note. Have seen him fold top pair on flop before.

Betting small and jamming turn, or just jamming flop seem really close to me.

On one hand, there is a ton of money in the middle already, with a pot sized bet behind, even if everyone folds, we can deny a healthy amount of equity. On the other hand, if we use a small flop size and jam turn, we may get more action from Kx hands, but we do allow some draws equity, like 76.

Further thought, i kind of think jamming flop might be the preferred play, but i can also see betting like 1/4 to half pot and jamming turn being viable as well. Any strong argument for which way you would go in this situation?

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